Tuesday, May 24, 2011

What makeup can do

OmG! I found this crazy talented makeup artist on Milk/Signe's blog, and I had to double check what I was looking at. Tutorials for how to completely transform yourself with the help of makeup. This stuff is off the hook!

Same girl in all pictures! The first picture is of Promise Phan as Princess Jasmine from Aladdin (my favorite!!!) and the next one is a Pocahontas look.
The bottom right picture is Promise Phan without makeup.
Can you guess the rest?

Watch Promise Phan do the Avatar look here, and a Taylor Swift look here. (I know no one want's to look like Taylor Swift, but apart from that it's amazing how close she gets to looking like her!) 


  1. Man skulle aldrig tro att det är samma person! Hur är det möjligt att sminka en ny nationalitet/hudfärg/:D

  2. Joo ja vet! Hon e crazy ass good! O fast hon har laga tutorials, så int fan sku ja kunna :D