Thursday, May 5, 2011

Easy food - perfect for sundays

A pasta dish, that doesn't need much preparation.

I came home after being at the gym, and looked desperately in the fridge to see if I could ourselves a decent dinner of some sort. I saw we had fresh spinach pasta, so that became the key ingredient. I took out half a box of mushrooms, sliced them together with some spring onion and some garlic. I fried them on a pan together with some bacon, and added pepper and some pesto. When the bacon was done I added some cooking creme (Milda Creme Fine 4%), some milk and 2 table spoons of sour-creme in to the mushroom mix. Meanwhile I had the pasta boiling, and since it only need about 5 minutes max to get done, this dish is so fast to make. When the pasta was done the sauce had been boiling for a minute or two and was pretty much done too. 
Easy peasy. Cooking for dummies part 1.

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