Tuesday, May 3, 2011

BEO and Velvet Ale

Carlsberg just released two new products, and in celebration of that I was so lucky to be invited, together with Maria, to a release event in the city of Carlsberg. I must admit, even though I live very close to Carlsberg, I have never been there. It's amazing! It's like a small city built around a brewery, and the buildings are gorgeous, both inside and outside.

Anyways, yesterday Carlsberg launched their new soft drink BEO (latin for something like enjoyment/pleasure...?). It is a brewed soft drink, that comes in two flavors. No added sugar, only the sugar of the fruit itself, and no added carbon dioxide! And with a very low alcohol of 0.2% it is perfect for those days you want to enjoy something else than the regular cokes and sprites, without turning to the alcohols. 
I must say, I was quite impressed! The taste is really good and the calorie level is quite low. It's nice to look at, you know, like in a champagne glass, and it's not too sparkly, meaning you burp less. Win-Win. I think, here in denmark, it's almost one of a kind, not resembling any of the sugary sodas, cyntethic ciders of alcoholic beverages. I recommend every one to try it! The apple-grean tea is my favorite!

They also launched a new beer type, a beer unlike everything else! Velvet Ale. A wheat beer, that doesn't taste like wheat beer... It's supposed to get the beer haters do drink beer, and if you are one of those haters, try it! It's not bitter like other beers and has a sweet but very distinctive taste. I like it! Well that's not hard, since I'm a beer lover, but I think it's good. Different but good.

P.S This is not a sales speech, I have not been told what to say or how to write. I truly was, and am, very pleasantly surprised by these product, and the event itself. A big thumbs up from my side! Just to be clear ;)

Inside the now closet museum part of Carlsberg.

The purpose of the event: BEO.

2 flavors; Blood Orange with hibiscus, and Apple with green tea.

Maria tasting Velvet. 

The low alcoholic BEO, and the quite high on alcohol Velvet.

It has a really nice foam, and the reason for that is because it's brewed.

Carlsberg's head chef presenting the tasting menu.

Fantastic beer and fantastic food, ALWAYS count me in!

Miss Maria striking a pose in front of the elephants. Niceness.

Carlsberg, thank you for a wonderful evening! I introduced the BEOs to my friends the very same evening over dinner, and already you have potential customers :)

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  1. oj vilken härlig bjudning, big like.
    Västen var bara 10 euro, så jag tänkte att den måste jag ha, som två drinkar på krogen ;)