Friday, May 13, 2011

Interior niceness

I'm definately going to do a copycat on this one, I LOVE this DIY shelf thing! 
What a great way to put all my magazines to good use!

Picture found on newly discovered blog love-aesthetics. The blog rocks, definitely worth checking out! In 5 minutes  it became one of my favorite.

The other copycat I'm going to do one day is this;
Bulldog, or whatever crazy animal print I'm going to find, -chairs. Awesome. This could have been me doing this, but Sarah was first. Damn you, now I have to do the copycat;)
Check out her blog here: srhlm.

But all of these DIY self projects are going to have to wait... Wait until I have a solid place to live. I just found out that we have to move out in less than two months, due to changes in traveling plans, so all this interior dreaming is just as useless as cooking a fantastic meal and tossing it out. Ain't gonna happen.

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