Friday, April 15, 2011

B-day gifts

Wohoo, I got some pretty cool stuff for my birthday. Yeah baby. And now I'm gloating in the glory of all my presents, and FORCING you to see what I got.

From Maria I got two books, about two things I love. Fashion and food. A modern Italian cookbook and "Who What Wear", a book of celeberty fashion!

From my aunt I got this cute striped basic top from H&M.

Surprise gift from my friend Simone, who sent me, toghether with a very suspicious mixture of candy, this extra nice, ultra cute lingerie set from DAY Birger & Mikkelsen.
Can you be in-love with lingerie?! I think I am.

My brother (who is 14 btw?!) sent me this Dior mascara, which just happens to be an all time favorite in my beauty box. Also I got a Nilens Jord lipstick from my mom, and I think she nailed spot on the kind of red colors I tend to go for. Both thumbs up!

Mom also sent me these earrings.

And from my parents I also got some monitas, to spend on, yes, bills. How very grown up, but also incredibly dull of me to actually use it on bills, when there were like a million things in COS screaming my name...
I also got a new lens for my camera :) woop woop!

From the guys at work I got a 150kr gift certicicate for Paradis ice cream. I must talk about ice cream, a LOT...?! Hint much...?

And a pair of cool pants from H&M. They are so comfy I think I'm going to live in them until they die. All my tight pants don't seem that appealing now.
(Maybe there is a connection with the humongous ice cream certificate, followed by loose pants...hmmm... 2+2 equals...naaah...)

The flowers were also from Maria!
And Lena, my roomie, had left me (for some other friend who had her birthday on the same day, but that's completely besides the point;) a little surprise. How nerdy can you get, when you actually get excited, in the age of 24, when receiving the lamest edition of the Harry Potter DVD. Yes I'm a nerd, and YES I LOVE IT!!!

Then I also got the leather bag, remember? And I also got a fur jacket from my mom a while back. But I got just in time for the weather to be too hot for a fur jacket, so I'm saving that one for next winter...which better be cold! :)

!Thank you!  !Kiitos!  !Tak!  !Tack!  !Gracias!  !Danke!