Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Store drooling

Yesterday the weather was so nice that my friends dragged me along for a little shopping. Inside. 
We went from RUDE to Beadhouse, then to Topshop and then to H&M. That's al we could make it to, before mine and Lenas tummies were roaring for something to eat. So we went and sat by the canals and ate sushi in the late afternoon sun. Awesomeness I tell you! I would have documented it all but my batterie gave up on my camera so no pictures. But here's what I managed to document; 2 pairs of shoes I'd die for from Topshop and a potential buy for my brothers upcoming party this summer.

"High" jesus sandals. 499kr. I need.

The comfiest high heels I've ever worn! Suede and nice. Must.have.them! 799kr...ouch...

Sorry for the ultra bad quality, I forgot that my camera was on manual focus, not auto so I forgot to focus...plus I was in a hurry. And the angle is all wrong, it looks like my legs are half as short of what they are. Bummer. So that's a lesson on what not to do:) Anyways, this dress is from the Conscious Collection at H&M and is priced at 399kr. It would be very nice for upcoming summer festivities, yes?

Well I ended up buying 2 lipsticks and a bikini instead. Stay tuned.

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