Friday, April 8, 2011

Quooker = sausage food

I know you are thinking; "Quooker whaaat?!". Well I didn't know either until yesterday, where Maria had invited me to this blogger event (well mainly for food bloggers, but hey, we like food...?) for the promotion of Quooker. Quooker is this tap where you can get boiling water from the second you turn it on. Pretty smart I'd say! And let me tell you, the day I get my OWN apartment, I will get me one of those hot babes! That is together with a Kitchen-aid, a supreme espresso machine and a fridge that produces ice cubes, of course. By that time I will obviously be a millionaire to be able to afford all these things... right now; baby steps. I'll start by dreaming ;)

So enough chitchat about that, here's what really went on on a stormy thursday evening.

We came to the beautiful locations of CPH Square in Valby.

They gave a presentation about the mean lean water boiling machine, aka the Quooker, whilst we sipped on elderflower-lime gin&tonic's (in fancy glasses).

Then afterwards it was our time to shine. The spokes person and chef; Nicolai Tram gave us a crash course in cooking with the Quooker. Very demanding man this Nicolai Tram...

We were all divided into stations and I paired up with Maria. No surprises there.

We also had some Swedish food bloggers amongst us. Jei!

The Quooker! Tadaa!

We were provided with some pretty good basics. 

We were to make two courses, only using the Quooker to prepare the food.

Nicolai showed us how to roll the food into sausage shapes, so that the water doesn't get into the "package". We asked; "is all meat then going to be sausage like if you cook it like this?". he answered "yes".

Maria and I felt somewhat awkward when Nicolai told us off on not cutting the beetroot in perfect mega thin slices. We're so sorry...?

Our portable kitchen :)

We learned to filé a flat fish!

First course, voila! Quooker cooked lemon sole (fish) with beetroot, bacon, onions and cress. Served with a vinaigrette from the beetroot and some olive oil.

I think my dish was the prettiest! By far...(?!?)

Well on to the next course, Maria is eagerly cutting the chicken sausage.
Long live the sausage!

Second course, final result. 

Quooker cooked chicken with smoked cheese couscous, leeks, oxheart cabbage, parsley and some white powder crust which I have no clue what's the name of it in any language. Something crispy anyways.

All us lucky bloggers eating our pretty meals.

Sky view. Pretty huh?

Then we had a competition. The one who was able to cook the perfectly boiled egg without any kind of watch or possibility for time-telling, was to win a Quooker (worth about 8000-10000 dkk). I thought I had this one in the bag, but I clearly must practice my egg boiling skills.
FYI, neither Maria nor I did win.

And a sneak peak of the beautiful lofty-looking cool warehouse locations the event was held at.

Yummy hip furniture! Me like.

And finally I had Maria make love for the camera.

The end.

Me and Maria were not the only "fashion" bloggers though, thank god! I also spotted Emily Salomon (one of my all time favorite bloggers btw) and Jasmina from Allis Fashion.

What an exciting evening, more of those please:)
But I bet you are wondering what I've actually learned (...or not). I think I learned a lot of things. For example; 
-I learned how to filé a flat fish
-I learned how to wrap meat into sausage rolls
-I learned that I don't know how to boil eggs (yet I was invited to a food blogger event, ehrm...)
-I learned that all you need to prepare a simple but delicious meal is some boiling water
-And finally I learned not to stick my fingers under the tap, when there's boiling water coming out.

Thank you Quooker for all the fun and a lovely evening :)



  1. Long live fish sausage! Chicken sausage not so much!

  2. Den er fantastisk. Har den selv i køkkenet. Bliver flittigt brugt. Ser ud som om det var et sjovt event.

  3. Ja det kunne jeg godt forstille mig! Sådan en gad jeg godt at ha, men der bliver ingen investering fra min side af før jeg står med nøgler til min helt egen lejlighed. Og det er et meget godt spørgsmål hvornår det sker...:)
    Men eventet var über bonus, det er sjovt hvor lidt der skal til før man er hellt hooked på noget:)!
    Tak for din kommentar Beam!:)
    xx Julie