Thursday, April 14, 2011

BD Dinner

As you may have catched up on, friday was my birthday. And therefore I held a dinner. It was rather improvised and out of the blue, since I first thought I'd just stay under my blanket the whole day and not come out until the next morning, but after some thinking through I decided that I love good food too much to let an opportunity like "a fancy dinner" slip away. So over came to (out of 4) of my best friends and this is how it all went down.

Maria was too pretty to open the white Lambrusco, so  had to step in;)

Nicely set (trailer-trash) dinner table. Set by Maria. She even brought flowers! I NEVER get flowers! That kinda made my day:)

Lambrusco for starters and the main course.

Since we were to have sushi for our main course, I had to think of something a little Japanese inspired to serve as starters. And since sushi is more like chose and pick-food, I thought that the starter should just be various Japanese snacks.

So home fired coconutty tempura shrimp with a sweet chili sauce, wasabi peas, ebamame-beans with sea salt and Tuna-tempura rolls from FIFTY&FIFTY, was what was served as starters.

The main course then also came from FIFTY&FIFTY. Salmon-ginger roll, devils eye roll and a twisted california roll. Hells to the yeah it was good! I am a sushiholic btw...

And a beef-tataki rice paper roll with a chili drizzle of some sort.

Then time for some champagne (or, erhm, not exactly, it was more like an Asti...). I wore my new Heartmade high wasted and cropped pants, together with a flowery top from Urban Outfitters.

And then for dessert we had double layered chocolate mousse with berries. (This is what Maria requested). It took me forever to make, and the result was not the prettiest, but it was gooood!

I even tried to make some kind of decorations. I'll give my self 9/10 in taste and maybe a 6/10 in appearance. 
All in all, pretty good!

The party continued afterwards at Høeg's, from were we dragged our drunk asses home around 5 in the morning. So a hell of a day turned out pretty good after all:) Thx guys for making it special!


  1. YEAH what a great dinner you hosted:D!!! Luv the food and the hostess - who is looking gorgeous btw;)