Sunday, April 24, 2011

Lipstick mania

So home with me from Topshop came these yummy lipsticks. Or one of them is a lipstick, and the other is more like a lip "pen". But they both rock.

 The lipstick is in the color OHH LA LA, and is more shiny and pinky peachy-ish, while the lip "pen! is in the color RAPTUROUS and totally matte and more like a red gone orange.
They also had a very screaming orange in the lipstick (shinier) version, and I'm kinda bummed now that I didn't buy that one too. Now my collection is nearly full.


  1. Jeg skal da vist liiiige i topshop. Elsker den orange nederst venstre billede :)


  2. Ja jeg kan allerede mærke at jeg bliver så glad for den :)! Kan kun anbefales!
    xx Julie