Friday, April 22, 2011

Let the bikini race begin

The bikini season has officially started!

So not only do I stress about other stuff, now I have to worry about this to!? Man, I never get a break... Or you know, I promised myself that this year (like I do every year) would be the year I got in shape, so I wouldn't be a big ball of shame walking around flashing my pale blubbery self when daring to take off that extra layer of clothing, revealing a bikini... And what do you know, another year passed by, and I have yet again managed not only to gain weight, but to simply do SQUAT about getting into shape! And so again I'm left feeling all disappointed and yes, ashamed. Booo me.

My goal for this summer was, to be able to wear a laced top over a bikini, without feeling self conscious. Coz that's one of my favorite trends this summer, laced-white-grandma-boho chic. But I guess I'm gonna skip on that one... All ya skinny hos, rock them for me will ya?!

Inspirational pics of life in a bikini suited body.
Maybe next year. Summer of 2012.

I know this is what you are supposed to look like, and I wouldn't mind, trust me (!!), but my reality is just too far away from it. If this is what you are up against you might as well just give up. Being normal is never going to be good enough... Damn you hot Megan Fox, you just ruin it for everybody!

Anyways, I took a leap of faith and bough a bikini, in the hopes of a miracle happening when I put it on. So far nothing, but if you don't have hope, then what do you have;)?
My newest edition in my bikini collection is from H&M (where else?) and cost me in total 100dkk. (That's 50kr a piece for all you clever heads). It's cool and funky, and not suited for my body type at all, but whatevs, I love it. Here goes.

Sources: 2 first photos:
                3 next photos:
                the next photo, Megan Fox from google.
                last pics by me.

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