Thursday, February 11, 2010

CFW Wednesday

On Wednesday, that was yesterday, we had our first trend show. It was “the most important one of ALL”, because it was the one show that opened Copenhagen Fashion Week. And of course because the press was there, obviously. It went really well, no one messed up and everybody kept their shoes on and no one showed any nipples and other unnecessary stuff. t was in other words a great success. The press liked it, and it seems that all the effort had paid off, since it was told that is was the best show so far. Well done CIFF. And well done me, without me my model would have been naked! It was overall a fun day, and I like the adrenalin rush during the shows, will we make it, will we will we?! I’m SO doing this again if I get the chance.
Here you have some backstage footage, this is where all the shit goes down. Enjoy.

KEA (my school) has invaded The Bella Centre.

This is my rack, and my model is Veneda.

Say hello to Miss Gorgeous! She is my model and now my muse. Veneda is 17, and has been modelling since she was 13. Get a load of that! I think there are some Russian beauty genes in her, I think I heard her speak Russian once...I'm not sure, but I will find out. She is totally pro, and she is moving to New York when she finishes school. Coolness. She is gonna walk a million shows this week and I think she will kill in them, especially in the Stine Goya show...aaahhhh...
This is just before the show starts, walking make-up studio. I want one too!

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