Tuesday, February 2, 2010

It wanted to be found...

So yesterday I went to seek something my wardrobe needs… I was supposed to by a cheap sweatshirt/hoodie from Mango, but with my luck, it obviously was sold out. So I’m still looking for these exciting things; a cheap hoodie that I can use before, during and after the gym, spinning shorts/pants, and spinning shoes. I am so boring I know. But my bank account is screaming with emptiness, and since I have no job, I must limit my self to what I really need. Blaah…

But yesterday, stupid as I was, I went into Gina Tricot. I bought a cardigan, which is okay, since I kinda need one, and some earrings. Bad Julie! But what’s a girl gonna do? Anyway here you have the obligatory pictures of my newly bought treasures.
Earrings 79 bananas and the cardigan 129 bananas.

1 comment:

  1. I like the cardigan. That color is gonna look nice on you! Go to my blog and check out today's purchase. I HOPE IT WILL FIT!!!!