Thursday, February 11, 2010

CFW Thursday

Today we had two shows. One at 11AM and one at 2PM. It is starting to go really smooth and I’m impressed with my dressing skills. 10 Points to me.
Hair and make-up

Mandatory group picture. The models are looking sweet!

When the shows were over, I came home for 45minutes, where I napped for 30, and then I was off again to some event at my school. KEA had promised goodie bags, but  disappointingly they didn’t have that many. And the event wasn’t all that either…It was only some pictures of fashionable people on the walls and that’s pretty much it. I got TWO Läkerol pastill cases though. BUT, they had some cool guests!

KEA in chillmode.
My firend Maria I was there with. Check out her braindead blog here. (No it's not braindead, I'm just teasing with ya mate;) It's tha shit!)
Take a load of these hot babes! What coolness drugs have they been taking? I just had to get their picture! When I get old, I’m gonna be at least just as fabulous as they are. They sure are bringing sexy back.  
And the cool thing is, the outfits are totally coordinated. I suspect they are twins, if not, then sisters.

Now I'm gonna eat, and later I will join the girls at café Stella for some cocktails. But no drunken ho ho'ing for me tonight. I feel a certain responsibility, I must see, that to tomorrow, my model is not gonna walk the catwalk in her nude...

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