Thursday, February 4, 2010

Wang obsession

Alexander Wang is a genius if you ask me. And I have developed a passion for his bags. My savings account is empty, but from now on I will start saving! 4708kr…And I might have about 200kr to put aside this moth. So only 4508kr to go! Piece of cake.
I must admit that before I couldn’t stand the sight of the Olsson twins. But lately I kinda warmed up to them. Now they are pretty high on my list of inspirational people. I guess it’s because they lost the “innocent look”, they stopped over pouting their lips at every given chance, and stopped making the famous beyond crappy movies, that I noticed, hey, they DO have style and YES I’d like to steal their wardrobe!
Here MK works my dream bag, and she does it damn well!


  1. so maybe somebody should've listened to me about ashley and mary-kate olsen:P
    I think you'll like their line the row as well... I've posted some pics from the line so check it out -->

  2. btw I also LOVE the bag! Is it really "only" 4708kr? where? and bonus info mary-kate was actually the first to ever rock the bag, because the designer gave it especially to her before it was in shops so she could create a buzz