Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Wictor the Farmerboy

Okay I promised to post some pictures of the übercool model Wictor.
Or at least I thought he was cool. He turned out to be…yeah...somewhat of an obnoxious type. Okay it was like this. He has been really nice all week, and Saturday he came with me and E to a book signing (The dude behind Facehuner), and afterwards we just wondered around CPH and had a really great time. He was the most laidback and humble person, but then Sunday, our last day, he just changed. All of a sudden he was this stuck-up dude, who couldn’t even say hi, or goodbye for that matter. I guess it’s because he’s so “famous” and he meets so many people that he can afford not to care. But in my world it’s still considered rude. But whatever. His style is not to be mistaken of, and even if I now don’t like him as a person anymore, I still worship his divine looks. Check this out.

This is Victor in his civil outfit. I love the hooker stockings.

You gotta love his bling, and the classy Netto-bag.

Strike a pose.
This is Wictor giving a variety of Vogue-poses. I only got the Italian Vogue-pose on camera.

This picture I stole from Spotdingblog. He showed us this silver bodychain, the day after he broke it. It was a showpiece, but I can’t remember wherefrom.
He told us that he makes his own shoes and clothes as well. He showed some pics, and I was impressed. He had taken the pictures himself, of himself, where he had done his own hair and make-up…and the outfit of course. I wish I could get a hold of them pics...Cool dude huh?

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