Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Plastic fantastic!

Heidi Montag...Pratt...well the other half of Speidi. Where should I start :)? Well, I just wanted to talk about my recent discovery, Heidi Montags plastic surgery. I was aware that she has had some work done before, like her nose for example, but now she’s gone totally overboard.
I have very mixed feelings for Heidi. I liked her in the beginning of The Hills. But then came Spencer, and downhill it went, fast! But even if I disliked her for not seeing the evil in Spencer, I still loved the way she looked. She was actually a blond I preferred. I thought she was pretty before, but then she got her nose fixed and dyed her hair playboy blonde. I actually thought, amazing as it is, that she was SO PRETTY! Take a look yourself.

Yes, not only had she her nose done, she had her boobs done aswell. She now has a tripple D. I have no comment on that. But this is a picture of the first Heidi, and the secon version of her (my favourite version).
But isn't She pretty? I thought she was perfect. 

But noooo, now she want's to look like playboy Paris Hilton. HerClose up...she has kind of a lazy eye going on…I hope for her sake that it's post surgery swollenness.
So sad, but oh so true. This is Heidi "not addicted to surgery" Montag today.
I vote for the picture on the left. What do you think?
Close up...she has kind of a lazy eye going on…I hope for her sake that it's post surgery swollenness.

And for those of you who don’t know who Heidi Montag is, take a look at this video. And if not for the interest in the subject, then for pure amusement.
And in this video, she actually talks about inner beauty. Thihiii, seriously, check it out!

And in this interview with Access Hollywood., she talks about what she had done. I think it’s worth your time…;)
She kinda looks like Jade, Brodys’ girlfriend, from The Hills. Not an improvement...

Plastic makes perfect, or does it?

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