Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Socks in sandals

If someone says socks in sandals, I would say no no NO! But apparently they now are go go go! I remember when my mom showed me a picture of her in the 80’s. She was wearing some hideous shorts and bare legs. It was in the summer, and in hot France, yet she still had put socks in her high heeled sandals. I laughed in her face and asked if they didn’t have mirrors in the 80’s (if you would see pictures of my mom from the 80’s, you really might think that the mirror wasn’t invented yet, honest mistake!). She just told me it was fashion. I was like yeah right.
Look at me now, I think socks in sandals are great! It was Burberry Prorsums draped collection that ploughed the way for socks in sandals, or so I think. Have a look, it’s nice YES?

                                                                     Burberry Prorsum
Socks in sandals on Kate Moss.

Its funny, when you write socks into the Google image bar, it automatically suggests –and sandals, as the first suggestion! That kinda made my day :)

The verdict is, socks and sandals can be friends after all. BUT, there are still some ground rules regarding socks in sandals. For example in cases like this (picture below); this should be punishable by law and lead to the electric chair! It does not have anything to do with being fashionable, but when people want to look like idiots and annoy the fuck out of their fellow people, it should not go unpunished!
Even though you want to spice it up with some green socks or whatever, it’s just not right

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