Monday, February 8, 2010


So here is an update on what I have done this weekend;

-Thursday: picked up my special friend at the airport, and only 7 hours later than planned. It wasn’t entirely his fault he was late, something with an engine that stopped working in the middle of the flight and I guess they thought that it really was that necessary to turn back. Fine, whatever. But we made it to Fifty Fifty after all, which was the highlight of my weekend. This is simply because Fifty Fifty is the finest sushi restaurant in town, capital letters. And if you didn’t get it, I love sushi.

-Friday: Window shopping and Zara drooling. That you know already. Then we bought some tenderloin steaks from the local butcher. We made dinner, and eating the steak was like having angels sing on your tongue. Maybe that was the highlight of my weekend…? Anyway we ate, had some friends over, drank, played drinking games and got drunk. Some more than others... We went to Idealbar, and then we found out that, no, we still don’t like polka music. We continued next door to Vega, and got disappointed. They promised Claudia Shiffer, but instead they had dirty toilets and ugly English guys. Overall a pretty successful night.
-Saturday: Hangover and watching movies. In the evening we went to eat ribs…mmm…and then we went home to watch some more movies.

-Sunday: Sleeping till noon and blog reading. Then at 3.30 PM I found myself at my waxing ladies place. My dear lord what agony! All access hair was removed and after a while I ended up feeling relieved. (It’s nicer to be hairless and chubby than hairy and chubby…) In the evening we watched Friends and ate a very nice sallad.

Monday, that is today, I dropped my special friend off at the airport. We said our goodbyes after a NICE coffee frappucino.

Then I went to school, snore, and then I went to the doctors’. She described me some pills, let’s see what good they will do for me.

Monday: To be continued...

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