Monday, February 7, 2011

CFW - Over and out

I know it has been a bit silent here lately, but blame it on fashion-week! I've rarely been home during this week, and when I was it was only for wardrobe change.
But here is what I have been up to;


 The line outside Urban Outfitters. Me and Maria were there 45 minutes before, and were some of the last to get a goodie bag.
Free stuff is worth queueing for!

Well inside the store, I found these amazing sunnies! I so want them, (Lena HINT HINT!!) coz they are just the shape I've been looking for, and they actually suite my Spungebobed square face!

Then after that chaotic goodie bag hunt, we went and had a lovely dinner at Riz Raz. We ate the buffet until our stomaches hurt. Quote; "This is where I win all my money back". You know who said that?

Then we went to the Concert house at Frederiksberg, where we were to see bARBARA Í gONGINI. Nicoline from my class was working at the bar, a true Redbull girl she was!

We checked out the crowd, many familiar faces!

Fashionable Maria sipping on a vodka Redbull.

Many people had brought their A-fashion-game on!

Some people got their pictures taken, others didn't.

Dress-up or stylish? You decide. 

We met up with the stylish Finns Emily, Martina, and Elin, who hooked us up with VIP seatings.

The collection was draped, dark, and artistic. Not exactly ready to wear, but VERY cool non the less!

After they flopped at Zen, where the after-party was held, we decided to go out for a beer instead, to catch up.

Em and I <3


 Me, Tanja, and Simone went to check out fashion night out. Well the main reason we went was the concert held in Monki (and the 100kr gift certicicates to the first 50 guests). This is the queue outside.

Giana Factory had a really cool concert. I def want to see more of them. Go girl power!

Monki served free drinks; beer and organic sodas. Yes we LOVE free stuff.

After Monki we went for some cocktails at Francis Pony. Then I kindly excused myself and biked all the way to somewhere at the far end of Islands Brygge, to meet up with Em and Martina for Henrik Vibskov. The show was awesome, and even though we had standing seats we had a nice spot.

Loved the knitted jumpsuit!!

I don't have any picture footage from saturday, since I only was at Bella Center dressing models during the day, and in the evening we went to Simon's for the Official Closing party. Fuck you Simon's for not having milk and being a total loser when it comes to organizing! Thank god I had such a great company that I ended up having a fabulous night despite it! Thx Martina, Emily and Elin for a wonderful night!


  1. Åååh va roligt att du har blogg! de visst ja int. Svinfina bilder! Hoppas de e ok att ja norppar en av dig:)

    Å de e bara som du tror, du e vacker som en sommardag Julie, du e bara självkritisk.

  2. Jaja Elin absolut, om du bara linkar till varifrån dom kommer :)