Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Malapascua Island 5.1-8.1

Not done yet!
We flew from Puerto to Cebu (via Manila, don't know why, we got a minor stroke I guess..), where we took a bus to Maya, located on the northern tip of Cebu. Here we waited for other tourists to arrive, but in vain... So we had to take the big boat all by ourselves, and yes, pay the total price for all the non existing passengers, to get to Malapascua.
Malapascua is a tiny Island, only like 2km long, with no cars and TV, that serves as a divers paradise and a sun worshippers best friend. There is not much to do besides diving and tanning, so it's nothing less than a place for total relaxation! Unfortunately we were among those who had to experience the place as its dullest, since the weather straight out sucked! Wind, heavy clouds and rain are not things I associate with "paradise island", so our stay was pretty brief. 3 nights and we were out of there. Also the place was in a building mode, since everything was under construction or renovation. I predict it's going to become a touristic trap (like Boracay) within 5 years, so go see it as the small idyllic paradise island it is, while you still can!

Our very romantic room. Not. What a shit hole. But it was cheap (don't let the "burberry" fool you ;).

Outside the restaurant where we spent many hours surfing their internet, playing boardgames, avoiding rain...

The beach by the restaurant with a view down to Angelina's; a nice Italian place.

Lots of stray dogs. Made me tear up a bit...

"Our" beach. Or the beach outside the "resort" we stayed in.
Called White beach if i remember correctly.

Such a fantastic place when it was sunny. 
Yes I said when...

A fisherman rinsing his catch.

The local kids played in the water. So cute.

Some poor kids were selling shells, to get money for school. They were so adorable so I caved and bought 3 leopard shells.

That's it for Malapascua. Next stop, and last, Puerto Galera.

xx Julie

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