Sunday, February 27, 2011

Dream house

Since I'm going to be apartment-less soon (we will probably move out this summer due to some exchange/traveling plans), I will only dream on about stuff for my non existing apartment. It would indeed be stupid to spend the little money I have on home deco, but IF I had the money AND a place to call home (for a long time to come, you know..) I would hoppedy hop straight to the nearest store to buy the following;

Rubber piggybank owls. How cool are they?! (Yup, still not over my owl mania) Found at Illums Bolighus, 150kr.

A cool silver globe. I have to have a globe! I had one as a kid, and it was actually worn down to the point where the surface cracked! These are from Illums Bolighus.

Yup, another owl. It would serve the purpose of being cute. That's it. And then there is the wrinkly "vase", kinda cool too.
From Illums Bolighus.

Okay I have worked as a Moomin for many years, so I kinda have a reason for liking it/growing fond of it. Also found in Illums Boligus, and are from the finnish label Iittala.

This is a must. L-o-v-e. Get it in Ikea for 229kr.

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