Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Port Barton 26.12-29.12

Yet again, picture overload!
Okay so after Puerto Princesa, we took a death ride to Port Barton, a small and relaxing fishing village that just started to have tourism as its second income. There are only small lodges, almost no electricity, and the tourists that come there are, well, backpackers
Port Barton was one of my favorite places we visited in the Philippines.

From the bus station in Puerto Princesa.

We changed from a van, in Roxas, to a jeepney. And there was no room in the jeepney. Or the philippinos don't know the term "no room", in their mind, there is always room. (Maybe that's why they are so tiny...?) Anyways, we had to sit on the roof, together with 15 other travelers, all the luggage, and the poor poultry packed in boxes under all the luggage.
Seats? NO! View? YES! :)

Roxas. View from the roof.

And yes, we had to watch out for branches and other stuff that might scratch the hell out of our legs, faces etc...

View of the countryside. The greenest country I've ever been to!

In the middle of the day = perfect karaoke time. Well in the Philippines, every time is karaoke time.

The roads through the mountains were in such bad shape that a) the  mud was so severe people had to get of so the jeepney could drive through, b) the road was so steep that people had to get off so it could make it up the hill, or c) the road was so rocky and uneven people had to get off so the jeepney could pass without falling appart. It took the jeepney 2 hours to drive some 35km. Beat that.

The luggage with the chicken underneath. Thank god it only rained for the last 2 minutes of the ride :)

Finally our room at Green View. Recommended! Small, cosy, cheap, and RIGHT by the beach.

Our cottage from the outside.

The view from our terrace.

Our mosquito eating friends.

Our other anything eating friends.

On the beach.

The beach where we lived on, seen from the boat, the boat that took A diving and me snorkeling.

Fishermen houses.

The dutch dive-master.

Someone's crib!?

The surrounding archipelago of Port Barton.

A fisherman village.

The first dive.

The bay we ate lunch at. 
Screw Thailand! It was so stunning, that if it was me living there I would NEVER move!

Me loving the place.

Me showing off the shells I found on the beach.

Mandatory sand writing.

The other side of the island.

Truly my kinda paradise!

The next day we took a hike through the jungle/forest to see a waterfall. This lead to amazement and later severe dehydration on the way back. Note to self; ALWAYS bring lots of water when in jungle with +30C!

It took us 1,5 hours to get there. And another 1 hour to get back.

Creatures along the way.

We hiked through rivers. Note to self; next time, NO converse shoes...

Unwanted creature trying to catch a ride.

Final destination.

Me swimming in the cool water. That place was magical, very movie-like.

Finishing the day with a fresh coconut!
Me: I would like to have a coconut.
Waitress: Okay, someone climbing tree, get coconut for you, 5 minute okay? 25 peso ma'am.

FYI; 25peso = 0,40€ / 3kr.


  1. Virkelig smukke billeder !!