Friday, February 25, 2011

Out with the old, in with the new

Bye bye old Converse! (which btw are beige, not supposed to be white)

And hello new ones!

I got them as a christmas present. I know old news huh!?
But the thing is that I have had them in Finland, and I didn't have room to transport them over here in my filled up backpack... So when my dad stopped by last week and gave me a sack with all the stuff I left in finland, I was happily reunited with my unused new Converse!

( And my roommate is genuinely happy that the the ones on the first picture are in the garbage...wonder why...;)? )


  1. HYI helvete de va dom äckligaste conversen jag någonsin sett! Du har helt säkert smörja bajs på dom innan du fota så att dom sku se ännu äckligare ut!! Hyi! Int ens mina conversen såg ut sådär efter Indien. Och där fanns bajs.

  2. Ha ha ja vet! Ja har haft dom som arbetsskor, så d e kaffe o grejer som har klibbat sina spår där! :) Men note, d e int meningen att dom ska va vita, dom var ursprungligen beige!
    Men konstruktiv kritik, I like it!