Saturday, February 26, 2011

Puerto Galera - part 1

Okay, so almost the last Philippine-post (one more after this one to go)!

 Our hotel room. The best room by far! We had our own kitchen, so we made our own unhealthy breakfast every morning.

 View from the room.

 A jeepney (again)

 On the streets of Puerto Galera.

The kids playing on the beach. 

 On the "main street".

The beach where the boats that took us to the floating bars were stationed.

 Oh them pearls...

 The town drunk. (I didn't know this when I took the photo).

 The hotel we would have stayed at, if they would have had room..

Big peep hole.


A rare full breed dog.

Sabang beach, Puerto Galera.

Popular dish. Didn't have any though! ...ewh...


On one of the floating bars.

My friend...:) (who later peed on my bag. Then no longer my friend)

CLouds came, clouds went. Mostly came though.

Hihii my other friend! who apparently didn't want to be mine :/

Frog purse, anyone?

Silk dress from Zara.

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