Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Goodie-bag - A good bag!

So I bet you are all dying to know what was in the Urban Outfit goodie-bags we so willingly queued for. Well here you go.

The fragile but big paper bag had this inside; A pair of earrings, a top with cool zipper detail on the back, a studded belt, a black picture frame, scull salt&pepper shakers (which I btw already wanted in the first place!), a cool green nail polish, 2 CDs, a birthday card (how random?), a wallet, dusty pink stockings, and what appears to be a hand shimmering gel (wtf?).
I also got a pair of black leggings, in a very small size, which I generously donated to my tiny roommate :)

I am so pleased about the scull shakers! And the top too:) Together with the green nail-polish I am ready set PARTY!
Or something like that...;)

Have a nice one!
xx Julie