Tuesday, February 15, 2011

I put the Finns on top of the gourmet kitchens

Well not quite. But I forced Emily to come over for dinner, just so I could have someone to share my Makaronilaatikko with, since my roommate won't come near it. 
So, last night I made a typical finnish dish, and we celebrated Valentines day with Rosé and those pastry things I swore I'd make.

I'm pretty proud I succeeded in making the buns, coz A) I never made them before and B) our crazy ass oven, which is determined to burn everything in sight!

My makaronilaatikko. Nothing fancy, just one of the easiest dishes to make and oh what a walk down on memory-lane, all the way back to childhood!
A very simple dish with macaroni pasta, minced meat, shredded tomatoes, garlic, lots of basil and thyme, salt&pepper, milk (erhm skimmed) and lots of cheese on top, optional (not in my world though! Cheese is always mandatory if you ask me). I served it with a mixed salad with orange, avocado, unsalted peanuts and bell pepper.

The buns, fresh out of the oven.

Not too many points in prettiness, but plenty of points for both taste and the mere succeeding factor.

Laskiaspulla a la Julie, with jam of course. There are some freaks in Finland who actually think it's supposed to be served with some kind of marzipan "jam"...but why..?!
It's sugar on top, not salt by the way. Don't let the pretzel disguise fool you.

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  1. HMMMMMMMMMMnn.... herkulliselta näyttää, säästä äidille kans.. haleja..