Saturday, March 20, 2010


If there is something I'm addicted to, it is ANTM. I love love loooove it, and I just can't seem to get enough. I raid on regular basis, just to make sure I don't miss the new cycles. And guess what, cycle 14 is out!!!!!
I really like the “models” in this cycle, and I have already found some favourites. Jessica, the beauty princess from Arkansas, is without a doubt one of the most beautiful girls I’ve ever seen! Seriously, at first you get distracted by the high school cheerleader act and southern accent, but seriously, I LOVE her! They dyed her hair dark brown, and wow. The first photo shoot, wow, she is like a pro. So now she and Raina (who looks like a Denise Richards in a cool model way, with bushy eyebrows) are my absolute favourites. Stay tuned.
Now let’s talk about Tyra Banks. She started out thin, coz she was a model… Then she got kinda big..? And now, she has become thinner and slimmer in the last cycles, and in this cycle, cycle 14, she is so skinny! I kinda like it, coz it seems like she has gotten more of a high fashion style, if you know what I mean. Before she had a very plane American way of dressing, but now she is sophisticated and more fashion forward; clean cuts and nice details. A new Tyra, I’m intrigued.
Can’t wait until the next episode!!

Here are my favorite models from the previous cycles;

Naima Cycle 4

Allison, the nose blood girl from cycle 12

Nicole the stunning stoner from cycle 13

Who isn't a sucker for Americas next top model? :)


  1. Tyra was a size 40/42... Holy crap that's big! why is it that a size 42, which is normal, is not fashionable?! the world is fucked!

  2. I know!! But I think the only reason I've noticed her weight-loss is that she really is more fashionable, style-wise. Before it was more with hiding and being comfy, but now it's very fashion forward. But I like her :)