Thursday, March 25, 2010

The City

Maria tipped me yesterday about the new season of the City. More drama and fashion makes me as excited as a kid before christmas eve, and I can't WAIT for the second season to air 27 of April. Looking forward to hate/love Olivia even more, and I’m eager to see whose ideas she is going to steal now. Why she is such a bitch is a mystery, but the girls got taste, you got to give her that.
Will Whitney make it as a designer? Will Roxy get her nose out of Whitney’s (ass) business? Will Oliviazilla take over Erin’s job at Elle? And what ever happened to our beloved Jay and Ally and Adam? And speaking of what happened, where is Erin (the other Erin, Whitney's old roommate)?!? I loved her...
I heart the City. Do you?
This is Erin (the first). I would love to have what she is wearing. And I would like to see more of her in The City.
There is just one thing I don't get; why is it called Season 2?? We have already had 2 seasons..shouldn't it by any normal logic be the third season? Just asking...

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  1. I hearrrrt the city. this is what I wrote about her like a year ago

    hahahaha. Love it.