Thursday, March 18, 2010

DIY Bleach

I decided it was time to try and bleach my Timberland denim shirt. I bought it in a second hand store, and it cost me nearly nothing, so I thought it might just be the perfect try-out project. I really like the light denim that is seen everywhere right now, and a denim shirt is a must. I have the shirt, but the color is way too dark and…wintery. So I grabbed the shirt, a bucket and some chlorine; my shirt was to get a new life.

Step 1. Pick out the shirt. Read the care label and check if it is allowed to be bleached. If it has a little triangle, that means no bleaching since the fibers are likely to break) Well mine had a triangle, but I figured I’d try anyway. Denim is made to be bleached, right…?
Step 2. Put the object in a bucket with water and chlorine. At first I did as the chlorine bottle instructions said, 1dl in about 10l of water. Nothing happened. I left it to soak over night and nothing. I took it out and mixed new bleach water, with a lot more chlorine in it. And tadaaa, things started to happen. With every hour you could see the shirt getting lighter. Remember to make sure that the entire shirt is covered with “water”, otherwise the color could get uneven. My solution to that, our mop, to keep the shirt under the surface.
 Step 3. Take it out when accomplished the preferred color. Make sure to wash the shirt properly to get the chlorine out so it doesn’t damage your other clothes. Let it dry. This is the color I got, and I left it to soak over night. BUT, what’s up with all the blue spots?? Not once did the shirt come above the surface, and still it is unequally bleached..!! I can’t describe if I think it is übercool or money down the drain…The overall color is really nice though. One thing is for sure, this shirt a la Julie, is one of a kind.
What do you think?


  1. I am not one for the denim shirt trend, but I think it is waaayy cooler after you've bleached it... and I like that it's uneven - nice job!

  2. Den e cool Jullebulle <3

    hei, va gör du unkkefär den 8-9.4, i dk eller finland? ja tänkte ta en tur till dk då, o sku komma o hälsa på/crasha en natt kanske:)?


  3. Camilla KOM! Ja e här o har ledigt den 8 o 9 från jobbet, så kanske bara skola to-fre. Men men to ska jag fira födis, men du ska vara så välkommen!!! Jei va kiva :)!!<3