Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Summer lovin'

I’m all in for winter, I love winter! But it is starting to get on my nerves…this cold, no use winter of ours. It’s only because the Danes can’t handle the winter, and this winter it has been impossible to get around by bike, coz of all the damn salt-mixed snow… So summer, or spring, whichever comes the fastest, please come now!
I’m dreaming myself away into these pictures, and the fact that I’m off to Istanbul soon…aaahhhh, summer and sun, fill my blackened and cold heart with warmth and joy! :)
Source: Fashiongonerouge.com
Pictures from my trip to Maxico last year, with Simone. I SO wanna go back there! So nice, you can't imagine...

…And some pic’s from a week spent in the lovely Finnish archipelago. It’s heaven on earth in the summer, so beautiful…

(The Japaneese, well they are suckers for taking pictures, of basically anything! Here they belive they saw the famous "little mermaid"...)
Thailand, the land of short thaigirls and ladyboys, cheap drinks in coconuts, SUN and monkey islands. A family trip we took 2 years ago. I'm going back there also. Soon!

Oh summer and sun, I miss you so...

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