Tuesday, March 23, 2010

...Clash of the Titans...

Many models are turning over to acting, and guess what, Natalia Vodianova is no exception. She is staring in a movie I didn't expect to see her in... Clash of the Titans... I just don't know what to say. She is not playing Aphrodite, or any other Greek goddess, which I thought she would, no, she is playing the ugly snake-head demon Medusa. Why? Well you gotta give her credit for wanting to step outside the box. But, can she act? See for yourself. 
I must say I didn't see that one coming. Would the fact that the movie is staring Natalia Vodianova make you want to see the movie (moore)?
This, my friends, is a computer made version of Natalia Vodianova as the not so fashionable Medusa. Or maybe she is gonna set a new trend...? Dreadlocks, anyone?

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