Monday, March 1, 2010

Peepers creepers

This post is not fashion related, in any way, I just need to let out some steam…
I was talking to my mother, not to long ago, and she told me what was going on back home. My parents live on a safe, kid-friendly street, where the neighbours look out for each other and lend cups of sugar to each other when needed. There has been a rumour for quite some time that there have been some observations of creepy activity. Someone had seen someone who told someone who told my mother that a peeper was lurking through windows when not watched. And yes, this was true. Their neighbour, the last house on the street, busted the guy. The lady of the house was taking her regular evening bath, and happened to look out the window, and who was that looking in through the window?! The goddamn peeper! They went outside, and saw tracks in the snow, that clearly indicated that he had been there numerous occasions, and the basterd had even brought a chair with him for his own convenience. WTF? The police was contacted, but as usual they found it more important to stop people speeding on the highway…
For those of you who don’t know what a peeper is, let me enlighten you. A peeper is a person who likes to look through your window for his or her sexual pleasure. He or she might like to see you shower, or take a leak, or take a …, or clip your toenails… whatever! It’s gross, creepy, and there is no excuse for that kind of behaviour! I would like to say to all you peepers out there, seriously, get a life! There’s free porn on the internet, if you hadn’t noticed! Welcome to the 21st century, jeez.

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