Saturday, March 20, 2010


I love owls. Not in a pet kinda way, but I just think they are so unbelievably cool. So when I find something with an owl print, or jewellery with owl motives, I go nuts. I want to buy everything. All of these pictures are from ebay, and if I wasn’t so incredibly poor, I would have bought at least half of the ebay owls.
And this one is from Asos.
And this one is cool too, but can't remember where I found it...If you look close at the print, you will see a flying pig. And why is it again that I don't own this tee??

These fantastically beautiful cups are from Iittala, and are some of the only precious
 owl things I own, but they sure are nice;). They were Christmas gift… Now I just need the rest of the remaining plates and bowls and stuff. Santa baby…?!?

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