Wednesday, March 10, 2010

I want I want I want!

As many other people, I have a birthday coming up... I took these pictures of my recent desires a couple of weeks ago in Illum and Notabene, and I’d forgotten all about them. But I was just checking through my pic’s and I thought I’d post them here, so everyone knows what I want;)
If I was a rich girl, nananananananaaa!
 This body stocking, it is black and really pretty, and I love the mesh parts, especially coz they are not located directly on the fatty tummy area. I can't remember what label it is, but it can be found in Illum. I would wear this with my oversize beige blazer and a pair of highwaisted, bleached jeans, and some cool sandals, like these, which I wrote about before (that is when someone byes them for me of course;).

This dress is also really nice, with the lovely open back and color that I like. It is the same dress and it is shown here from the front and back. Again I can’t remember what label it is from but again, it can be found in Illum. I would wear it with my beige wedges, and maybe some cool stockings…hmmm…

I’m a tee-shirt girl, and this is such a cute tee! It is from See by Chloe, and may be found in Illum. I would wear it with bleached denim shorts and the Acne Atacoma wedge-boots. But since I don’t own the Acne babes, I would just wear my beige wedges…Potato potato, same same.

More Acne wishes… The dress, yum, and the beige shorts, YUM! The dress is totally summery, and would be my new favourite dress this spring/summer. I better start saving…

And the Noir Black blazer is just wishful thinking…I don’t think I have that kind of money to spend on that..:) Maybe a DIY project? Perhaps…but let’s leave it at that.  And the shoes, well, Givenchy’s  Riccardo Tisci might just be genius. Pricy though…autch!


  1. Prövade Acne-klänningen då jag va i Stockholm, skitsnygg print, men sitter jättedåligt, som en säck. Så med andra ord lönar det sig inte att skaffa Acnes klänning om int du planerar på att alltid ha bälte vid midjan för att ge den lite form. Just a hint. ;)

  2. Ah tack tack, kanske ja int har råd heller, när ja int ens har råd till tandkräm;) Men nu har ja fått jobb så kanske om 6 månader kan ja köpa nåt igen:) Ja kan fast fråga dej sen:) Hur går d annors??När kommer du o hälsar på?? KNUS <3

  3. Går helt bra, J-P fick jobb i Åbo o ja håller på med kanden. Lite stressigt bara, då jag borde ha kanden klar i mars...

    Sku vilja komma ti Köpenhamn o träffa dig o shoppa, men har knappt tid att träffa kompisar i Åbo då jag hela tiden sitter o skriver på kandjäveln. I maj borde det bli bättre, då får vi se... :)