Thursday, March 18, 2010

H&M Garden Colection

I have heard a lot of fuss about the H&M ”Garden Collection”, and seen some of the items here and there, and so I thought I might check out the whole collection online. It is actually pretty nice… It’s really summery and you just wanna hop around all tanned on a beach somewhere, where it is sunny and warm that is… So you all have seen the collection, but here are my favourites, and if some of the items were magically to appear in my closet tomorrow, I wouldn’t complain;) Just saying…
The last two styles are of course sold out. I first saw the colourful tunika on Elin Kling, in her pictures from her trip to Malaysia. No wonder I feel like running around on a paradise beach all tanned and summery! She is something that Kling girl, and her wardrobe is of the hook!

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  1. I heard a little bird sing that the kling dress is on it's way for me for my b-day:) also bought a couple of the dresses myself... life is good!