Thursday, March 18, 2010

(My) New over-knee boots.

Yesterday I was in H&M with my roomie, and omg, I found something that I now crave more than life itself!! Over-knee boots, yes sir, suede over-knee boots. Almost love at first sight. But only almost, because I dare not love boots before I’ve tried them on…
I think my prayers have been heard! But the hearing comes with a price, naturally, 799,- to be exact. But I don’t care. This is the first time I can get my oversized chubby stubby legs into over-knee boots, and trust me, I have tried! The over-knee boot is still going strong in many autum-winter collections, so I trust I’m doing the right thing buying a pair of overly awesome over-knee boots. Juhuu!
You like?

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